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Two friends, with 30+ years of business experience, were discussing the reasons why many businesses fail or hit constraints they can’t break through. They wanted to find a way to ensure that the businesses supporting our communities succeed. They realized that by combining their complementary skill sets and extraordinary business expertise they could do just that. This is why a business attorney and a CPA decided to start Cumorah Business Consulting (CBC).

If you want to overcome constraints and unleash your company’s full potential, CBC is the right choice. As highly regarded leaders with both private and public companies, Terry and Ron are experts in strategic planning, and guiding CEOs through volatile, heavily regulated, and competitive business environments. Terry and Ron combine their talents to deconstruct challenges, and build customized solutions that deliver results.

When you hire CBC, you actually get Terry and Ron, not a team of less experienced consultants. There is no substitute for the power of their extraordinary business acumen and experience. Let CBC provide the exceptional brain power you need to help ensure your success.

Why choose Cumorah Business Consulting (CBC)? A better question to ask would be, why not? If you call, Terry and Ron will help you harness the power of your strengths and their expertise to achieve breakout results.

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